I’m sure many of you fondly remember swapping footy cards or swap cards in the school ground? Pockets bulging with cards and rubber bands, the excitement of opening those wax packets, the pink chewing gum, the smell, and 6 cards; what a pity our children today are not allowed to do this at school. I can still remember my grandfather taking me to Gardams shop to buy footy cards and finding 2 Royce Hart cards in the one packet!!

Trading cards have been around for over a century with many products such cigarettes, cereals, and food products. In recent years, especially the ’90s we were inundated with literally thousands of ‘collectable cards’, many of these have proved to be just about worthless.

An exception is football cards, whilst they have been issued from the early 20th century most collectors concentrate on the more recent issues starting with Scanlens set of 18 in 1963 until the late 1980s. The Scanlens cards were not issued in massive numbers and tend to be harder to get and becoming more valuable, certain players and condition play a big part in the value of the card. In recent years, rookie cards (the first card issued of a player) are becoming collectable as the player becomes famous, such as Buddy Franklin and Gary Ablett Rookie cards, so keep an eye out for this year’s best rookie’s as their cards will hold a lot of value in years to come.

With so many cards out there now many are just collecting teams rather than sets, impacting again on values. Cards should always be stored in acid-free sleeves

Throw away the rubber bands if you have some in the cupboard, we will buy them.

We buy all old football, swap, weetbix, cigarette and collectable cards any condition or quantity. If you have a question on antiques and collectables or wish to share your collection with us give us a call on 6423 3316 or visit us in the shop at 51 Formby Road, Devonport TAS.

Happy Treasure Hunting,

John Cole